Thursday, January 6, 2011

Awakening: 21 Days of Fasting and Prayer

At the beginning of each year, we engage in a season of prayer and fasting. This has proven to jump start our new year with huge spiritual momentum that sets the tone for our effectiveness throughout the year.

In years past, we have seen increased salvations, breakthroughs and miracles as we chose to put God first at the onset of the year. I believe with all my heart that for the church to prevail in this next season, a culture of prayer and fasting in our churches is vital.

So we are joining thousands of churches for a season of fasting and prayer from January 10th to January 30th. In addition, we are reading through the bible in one year. If you haven't received one already, you can pick up your bookmark for the chronological bible reading for 2011 at service on Sunday. In just a few minutes a day, we can all read through the Bible...together.

So looking forward to 2011. Prayer, fasting, and reading God's word are the foundation to a phenomenal year in Jesus regardless of our circumstances. It is this very foundation that lets us rise above it all to an amazing year.

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