Thursday, April 30, 2009


We just got back from the ARC Conference today. ARC is a group of church planters that plant churches around the country. So far, we have planted 104 successful churches that have given 8.5 million dollars to world missions just last year!

ARC churches are churches that plant other churches. We give part of our overall budget to do just that. Even though we are a new church, HPC El Paso has given about $10,000 that has helped to plant 30 new churches in the last three months. Talk about return on your investment! 30 cities and thousands of people being reached by the love of Christ!

ARC was my first ministry job. Brother Billy Hornsby, President of ARC, gave me an opportunity to work to help these amazing couples plant churches. I will always be appreciative to Billy for taking a chance and letting me live the dream!

At ARC conferences, we learn a lot, connect a lot, and hear and tell the stories...incredible stories of what God is doing around the country. I respect and admire these couples so much! ARC is a kind of fraternity, if you will, of people advancing the Kingdom through the local church.

Everyone at ARC has gone "all in" which means, making great personal sacrifices, going through pain and betrayal, and staying up late crying out to God for a city of hurting people; all the while living the dream that God has called them to: to reach a lost and hurting world with the simple message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The people at this conference are more ALIVE than anyone I know. I believe it is because God goes "all in" for the people that go "all in" for Him. Praise be to God!

You don't have to be a pastor or even in ministry, as a vocation, to go "all in". However, God wants ALL of you to love ALL of Him. When you do that, your heart for people will grow and you will never be the same. Moreover, you will not be able to let your life slip by, even another day, without doing something significant for HIM and OTHERS.

Mathew 10:39
"Whoever finds his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it."

I pray that you begin to let go and lose your life for the sake and the cause of Christ. For in Him are all things and in Him is a life beyond our dreams. A life of sacrifice and pain to be sure, but a life of vigor, passion, and meaning beyond your comprehension. Go for LIFE in Jesus Christ. It is the only way to truly live. Seize your destiny today, by going "all in" for Him.


rogernorth said...

Right on brother. As the guys in Celebrate Recovery say, 99.5% is not enough. God bless.

Jason said...