Monday, July 6, 2009


On July 6th, 1967 I was born into a world where the headlines were reporting on the Six-Day War, 464,000 U.S. troops fighting, and winning, the war in Vietnam, and the Civil Rights movement is in full swing as the "Mississippi Burning" trial has begun.

1967 was known as the "Summer of Love". (My parent's must have gotten a head start.) The best selling albums were Jim Morrison's "The Doors" and The Beatle's "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band". I feel old. LOL

I have seen so much in my life, not the least of which going from Albums to nano-pods and typewriters to laptops; but my biggest headline was when I decided to go "All in" for Jesus Christ about eight years ago at the altar inside Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge.

So much has happened since then, we are now a wonderful family of five, shepherding a new church plant in El Paso, Texas and two new churches in Juarez, Mexico.

With God's favor, a lot of sacrifice, and difficult days...we are truly living the Dream!-Thanks God...

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The Rods said...

Happy Belated Birthday and thank you for all you do.

In Him,
The Rods