Sunday, January 10, 2010

21 Days of Fasting and Prayer

So excited that you are taking the journey to fast and pray for the next 21 days. Over the next three weeks, I will use this blog as a way to talk to you about fasting and prayer, reveal thoughts that God is placing on my heart, provide resources, and to encourage you along this incredible journey.

Today's tip, "Don't get hung up." Don't get all worked up on what exactly you will do. Just get quiet and still for awhile. After some genuine quiet either at home alone, maybe outside, or in your "prayer closet"; ask God what he wants you to put down. Remember the point of fasting is to put something aside, deny yourself, in order to get closer to God. The goal of these 21 days is to get closer to Him.

There are different types of fasts that I will tell you about in the next few days, but today just get quiet and spend time one-on-one time with your heavenly Father.

Remember this is a season of fasting. You may do different things during these 21 days. However the point is to deny yourself, something, so you can focus more clearly on God.

Currently, I am at home by myself. No one is here, no noise, no tv. Just me and God having a talk. :)

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Joseph said...

Thanks Pastor Buck for your support and prayers.I will be seeking God in two areas:

1) I will be praying for God's patience as I wait upon my attorneys negotiating the return of my son Joseph James (J.J.).

2) I have been struggling with late night snacking that have affected my cholesterol. I will begin fasting from 6pm til 6am.

Thanks again for your prayers and support....In Christ....Joseph