Monday, January 5, 2009

Closer: To God. To Home. To Others.

Day Five: The Call

A friend of mine expressed a frustration because she said she didn’t know what “the call” was on her life. It struck me, so I thought I would deviate to that thought for today’s devotional.

Sometimes we use that phrase “being called” and it can mislead people. I am definitely called into ministry, which is a specific call on one’s life. However, I don’t believe that as Christians we are called to “the one big thing”. If we don’t find that “one big thing” we feel like we are failing somehow. Moreover, we can tend to wait for the “one big thing” to come our way. Or even worse yet, try to manufacture a call on our life that God never intended.

As Christians, what are we called to do?
The first and foremost call on a person’s life is the call of Salvation. It is through responding to this call that begin our new life’s journey. We are called to love God and love each other. We are called to meet the needs of others, particularly the hurting. It is through our response that God can touch those He loves so much.

Jesus always met the need. The man with leprosy needed a touch, the adulterous woman needed compassion, and the 5,000 needed to eat.

The call on our life is to begin a journey through Christ. As we walk with Him, we are called to meet the needs of others along the way. For most of us, “the call” is a lifestyle of love that has a beginning, but no end…Amen.

Prayer Focus: Pray that you become aware of the needs around you and that you respond to them, one at a time, out of your love for God and others.

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